Bruce Weyhrauch - A Community-Focused Professional


Bruce Weyhrauch, an attorney in private practice in Juneau, Alaska, established a law practice in 1998 after previously working in the public sector and with other law firms. His extensive background includes three decades of experience in providing representation on natural resources matters and the maritime and commercial fishing industries. Bruce Weyhrauch’s law office provides services to clients throughout the state, including Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, and the Bering Sea.

In 2001, Bruce Weyhrauch was named Sole Practitioner of the Year by the American Bar Association. He served two terms as president of the Juneau Bar Association, and subsequently held the presidency and other leadership positions with Alaska Bar Association’s board of governors.

A dedicated supporter of a wide range of community organizations, Bruce Weyhrauch maintains affiliations with the Foundation for End-of-Life Care as a member of its board of directors. He has additionally served on the City and Borough of Juneau’s Board of Equalization, and on the board of directors of the Juneau Economic Development Council.